Sentira is a powerful and easy-to-use data visualisation tool. Chemically aware, Sentira helps you to spot patterns quickly in compound data, visualise structure-activity relationships and elegantly present and report your findings.

The power of perception

The quality and flexibility that Sentira brings to data visualisation clearly highlight patterns and trends in data using a comprehensive range of plots, all with extensive and fully customisable features. Multiple plots can be created side- by- side, all dynamically linked to each other and your data set, enabling you to quickly identify important relationships between compound properties.


See your chemistry through new eyes

The clarity and elegance of Sentira’s data visualisations immediately connect data with your compound structures to enable more insightful and intelligent compound data analysis.


Connected chemistry made so simple

The beauty of Sentira’s visualisations is matched by the simplicity of its design. Its user-friendly environment provides a workspace structured around the way you work, with data management tools that enable you to perform calculations, merge, sort, filter and tag your data set, and import and export industry-standard file formats on Mac or PC. Sentira also makes it easy to present the results of this analysis simply and professionally in presentations and reports.

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